Presenting the Full SAQP 2024 Programme

It’s not long to go before the first South Asian Queer Pride festival in the UK! We’ve had a fantastic response to announcing the festival a few weeks ago and we’re very excited to be announcing the full programme and artist line up today!

Sat 06 April 2024

Announcing South Asian Queer Pride

We’re incredibly excited and proud to announce that we’ve been planning and developing the first ever South Asian Queer Pride festival in the UK!

Sat 23 March 2024

Queer Croydon meets… Ben Nizan

Queer Croydon have the pleasure of featuring an article by Ben Nizan, a Croydon-based DJ, game designer, and soon-to-be host of Driving Drums on Croydon FM!

Sun 25 February 2024

Litter and Glitter

Norwood JunKAction is turning waste into thought-provoking art.

Tue 20 February 2024

Taste The Rainbow Vol. 2 Showed Us The Love

Queer Croydon had their second ever Taste The Rainbow at Boxpark on Friday 16th February. We are so glad to have felt A DEEPER LOVE with you!

Mon 19 February 2024

Queer Croydon meets… Their Majesties

On the day of their Homoween show, Queer Croydon had the pleasure of meeting Their Majesties’ hosts, performers, and regulars.

Mon 18 December 2023

Queer Croydon Launch

Queer Croydon’s new website launches on 27th October 2023 as part our ongoing commitment to promote queer events and stories.

Mon 23 October 2023