Spoken Word and Performance Poetry Workshop w/ Alice d’Lumiere

Fri 28 June
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Stanley Arts

How do you like to express yourself? How might you present yourself in words? Have you found a voice and form for your work, both literally and creatively? Do you perform your own work and if not would you like to?

Writer / Performer Alice d’Lumiere is running a one hour workshop on Solo Spoken Word and Performance Poetry. Running alongside her show “Speaking Out and Fitting In!” the workshop is a broad introduction to some of her working methods. Alice will share some of her current solo performance work, take a look at some classic poetry and invite you to experiment with spoken word performance of your own.

If you have written some verse that’s personal to you, or you have a short piece of prose in progress, please bring it along; either on paper, or in your head should you be able. If you’re not working on anything, but want to play with words, voice, or just learn the difference between iambic pentameter and trochaic tetrameter, just bring yourself and your imagination; as Alice would love to hear from you too.