Queer Croydon Meets… Sabiyha

In late September, Queer Croydon spent a magical day with recording artist Sabiyha.

During our time together, we were taken on a tour of her favourite places, getting to understand Sabiyha’s relationship with Croydon and how her Queerness impacts her artistry.

We first met at Surrey Street Market, where we explored her childhood and the impact the borough has had on her as a person. We then moved on to The Oval Tavern, where we sat down with her and got to know her better – her experiences of being a queer person, her hopes for the future, the music that she is creating – we got to know everything!

Watch our exclusive film below:

You can find out more about Sabiyha’s music here.

The photos and video in this article are credited to Lukasz Izdebski.