Queer Croydon meets… Tabanca LDN

Recently, we at Queer Croydon enjoyed getting to know Tabanca LDN!

Tabanca LDN, welcome to Queer Croydon. Tell us about who you are and your artistry?

Tabanca LDN celebrates Caribbean culture with an emphasis on highlighting Soca music. We also provide an educational element on our IG page through our Soca Facts posts.

Soca music is not only decentered outside of Carnival season but also within the queer scene. Tabanca LDN aims to provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ Caribbean people and Soca lovers to celebrate, dance and enjoy the culture. Our first event is a party, post-Trinidad carnival, pre-Jamaica carnival; where we will vibe to Soca music across all the Caribbean Islands.

Highlight all the creatives that are supporting us in bringing our event to life, such as the DJs, photographer and videographer is really important to us. It would be super cool for us to one day be able to be a platform for LGBTQ+ Soca artists and also have non-LGBTQ+ Soca artists perform.

Tabanca LDN is the creative collab of three queer womxn from Croydon, how does the borough inspire your artistry?

Croydon inspires us in all different ways as we have our own creative outlets outside of creating Tabanca LDN and our day jobs – tattooing, visual artist and writing. Although living in Croydon we realised that there isn’t any queer Soca events in London let alone South of the river, there is a big queer and Black community in South London and we wanted to create a space that we as well as allies can come together and sense of belonging. 

How does your heritage and Queer influence your art?

Whilst we are all queer, we are not all of the same heritage. Second generation Caribbean, born in the Caribbean and not Caribbean at all but our queerness and love for Caribbean culture and music connects us and influenced us to create Tabanca LDN. 

There is just so much beauty and love within the Caribbean culture that we have all experienced, whether growing up in it or around it. However, sometimes in those spaces’ queerness is required to be dimmed due to homophobia. Carnival is probably a space where queerness is more overt and in *some* ways accepted. There is no better feeling like being at a party in the Caribbean during Carnival and feeling pure joy and unity. We want to provide that experience within the context of London, for the LGBTQ+ community, a safe space where everyone can feel free of judgement for their gender expression or who they choose to dance with!

Describe Tabanca LDN in 3 words! 


What can one expect from a Tabanca LDN event?

Soca Soca Soca! From old to new, from island to island – a lil bit of everything. Good vibes and good energy with like-minded people!

Why do you think we need queer spaces such as Tabanca LDN?

Step into the vibrant world of Tabanca LDN, where we don’t just create a safe haven for the queer community, but also shine a spotlight on the electrifying spirit of Caribbean carnival culture!  It’s not just an event; it’s a celebration of your roots, your heritage, and your freedom to be unapologetically YOU. No judgment, no hate—just pure love and acceptance. Whether you’re a die-hard soca enthusiast, born and bred in the rhythms of Calypso and Soca, or you’ve fallen head over heels for carnival vibes during Notting Hill Carnival, this is your home. Tabanca LDN is where the beats are hot, the energy is infectious, and the love is overflowing. Come one, come all, and let’s dance our hearts out in the ultimate safe haven for Queer Soca lovers!

If our readers could take one thing away from this interview, what would that be?

Soca isn’t just music—it’s a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of Caribbean heritage, pulsing with energy, and overflowing with love. It’s the heartbeat of our culture, a powerful bond forged by marginalized communities, rhythm, and soul. Through Soca, we celebrate not just the music, but the rich tapestry of Caribbean life and history. It’s a celebration of resilience, unity, and the unbreakable spirit of our people. Let’s dance to the rhythm of our heritage and spread the love of Soca far and wide!

Unfortunately, Tabanca LDN have had to cancel their event on 12th April. You can follow them on Instagram to find out about their next one when it happens.